blendovaný jamajský rum Black Stamp Rum

Black Stamp Rum

Excellent Jamaican rum blended from distillates aged an average of five years in barrels made of white oak. Black Stamp has a full and intense rum taste and aroma of dried fruit. This Jamaican rum has been created in honor of Bohumil Metelka.

Pomerančový likér – Shaker Curacao 0,5 L


An orange aroma with a delicate citrus flavour.

Karamelový Milky Caramel od výrobce Metelka likéry


This product has typical dalicate caramel flavour and aroma that are harmoniously combined with first-class Czech heavy cream.

Bylinný likér – Saint Hubert’s Liqueur

St. Hubert’s

The liqueur’s recipe consists of a macerate of many herbs, spices, and a mixture of fruit juices and spirits.

Bombardino – vaječný likér Shaker Bombardino 0,5 L

La Bomba! Bombardino

The product is typical for its strong rum taste accompanied by a delicate punch flavor with fresh citrus fruits.