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Milan Metelka a.s.


The family tradition of liqueur craft since 1934.



Traditional family distillery

The production of liqueurs and spirits in Antonín Metelka’s family began in 1934 in Vyškov in the South Moravian Region. In every branch of human activity, an important parameter is needed for assessing the value of tradition. In the case of Milan Metelka’s liqueurs and spirits, it’s a genuine tradition inherited from father to son. The good tradition is the one of many assets of the liqueur company from a small village near Vyškov in Moravia. The other asset is a quality. Not every product on the market is made of high-quality raw materials. However, it is a matter of course for Milan Metelka and a difference in taste is obvious. The third major asset of the company is a fair approach to a customer. Our employees constantly improve their products not only in quality but also in a design of a final product marked with the logo of Milan Metelka, the traditional family distillery from Moravia.



What we can produce

· Development of liqueur and spirit recipes with over 80-year tradition.

· Production of milk and egg emulsion for liqueurs in unique technological equipment.

· A powerful homogenization at pasteurization temperatures and a traditional technology ensure minimal 3-year durability.

· Refining fruit, cereal and rum spirits.

· Percolating herbal substances for the production of liqueurs and other spirits.

· Macerating fruit for the production of liqueurs and other spirits.

· Filtration of finished liqueurs and spirits, subsequent automatic filling of bottles. Closing, labelling, marking and palletizing the bottles.

· Handmade production of special liqueurs and limited editions.

    We offer everything mentioned above to selected customers with credit worthiness. We can help them to create a custom made brand.



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      Milan METELKA a.s.
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      Vizovice factory headquarters
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      Metelka Liquor Shop
      ul. Dobrovského, Vyškov
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      Milan metelka


      Metelka likéry is a Moravian brand specialized in a production of high-quality liqueurs and spirits. The family tradition is handed down for several generations since 1934.


      Welcome to Moravia.


      Milan metelka


      “I inherited the most valuable thing – a family tradition of developing original recipes. The merging with the R. Jelínek Company will bring us mutual progress and values.”


      Welcome to Moravia.