An orange aroma with a delicate citrus flavour.

Shaker Curacao has a significant fresh orange and citrus flavour and its typical bright blue color. This alcoholic beverage is originated from the Caribbean island of Curacao. Shaker Curacao is absolutely great for various cocktails where it creates beautiful color compositions. It is an important visual feature in cocktails in general. Due to its high quality it can be consumed directly.

Chi-Chi Passion

4 cl Shaker Blue Curacao
3 cl Milky Coconut Liqueur
5 cl heavy cream
1 dl pineapple juice

Decoration A winter cherry, a pineapple slice

Preparation Shaker.
Type of glass Of your choice/Fancy glass.
Directions Put a few ice cubes into a shaker and then add all ingredients in. Shake for 15 sec. Pour everything into a glass and garnish with fruits.


4 cl Shaker Blue Curacao
2 cl Shaker Green Peppermint
2 dl orange juice

Decoration An orange slice, mint

Preparation Into the glass/Build-in
Type of glass Of your choice/Fancy glass.
Directions Put a few ice cubes and then add Shaker Green Peppermint, an orange juice, and Shaker Blue Curacao in this particular order. Garnish with fruits and mint. Pour all these ingredients carefully (on a spoon) to achieve a right effect of colorful layers.


4 cl Shaker Blue Curacao
2 cl Shaker Gold Vodka
2 dl Tonic

Preparation Into the glass/Build-in.
Type of glass Long/Highball glass.
Directions Put a few ice cubes into the glass. Add Shaker Gold Vodka, Shaker Blue Curacao and then add tonic.

Every Shaker liqueur is an absolute original in its taste and aroma. This feature was created with the use of high-quality natural raw materials and aromatic substances. We put a great emphasis on a development of products. Shaker has a unique label design as well as a bottle design. These bottles were specially designed for the Shaker series. Their shape evokes the most famous bartender tool for preparing craft cocktails. Due to their shape balance, the Shaker liquers are suitable for various bartender acrobatics. Our liqueurs are amazing when used in various cocktails. However, they are perfect for a direct consupmtion.

Tea Spirit

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