Vaječný Tradiční

A balanced flavour with significant vanilla and tuzemák liquor aroma.

Moravský Vaječný Tradiční 0,5 L od výrobce Metelka likéry

Moravský Vaječný Tradiční and its folk design will take you to Moravia. Its recipe is inspired by a homemade process used by our parents and grandparents. When you drink Moravský Vaječný Tradiční you may recall an old feeling of secretly drinking eggnog as a child. Powerful homogenization in special equipment and heat pasteurization guarantee a minimum durability of 36 months.

Moravský Vaječný Tradiční
Moravský Vaječný Tradiční – moravský lidový motiv

Vaječňák inspirovaný domácí recepturou vaječného likéru

Moravský Vaječný Tradiční from the heart of Moravia.


Bylinný likér – Saint Hubert’s Liqueur
St. Hubert’s

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