Tea Spirit je lahodný čajový a medový likér s brandy

Tea Spirit

Metelka Tea Spirit nabízí to nejlepší z čaje a likérů v jednom nápoji. Vyrobený pouze z čistých přírodních produktů: lipového medu, gruzínského čaje a brandy.

Gruzínský čaj, brandy a med v jednom likéru – Tea Spirit 0,7 L

At the beginning of the journey to Metelka Tea Spirit there was a unique idea: to combine seeming opposites into a harmonious whole – quality tea and alcohol. Synergies of three elements were needed to turn a great idea into a specific product. Metelka Tea Spirit offers the best of tea and liqueurs in one drink. It contains only natural ingredients such as Georgian whole-leaf black tea, Moravian honey and pure brandy. Alcohol helps to develop the taste and smell of tea and gives Metelka Tea Spirit the right strength. We managed to achieve harmonious harmony with Georgian tea and Moravian linden honey thanks to the clear brandy from Chille.

The result is more than just a beverage with an unmistakable aroma and taste - it is the harmonious harmony of the energies of first-class black full-leaf tea, brandy and honey. It is an incentive to adventure. Join her with us.

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Tea Spirit – luxusní dárkové balení alkoholu
Tea Spirit je lahodný čajový a medový likér s brandy

Medový likér Tea Spirit 0,7 L
Čajový likér Tea Spirit

Ingredients of Metelka Tea Spirit

Georgian whole-leaf black tea
The whole-leaf black tea used to make Metelka Tea Spirit is a farmer’s tea from the Share Tea Garden, a Czech-Georgian project for the renewal of ecological farming founded thanks to cooperation with the Czech Development Agency in the town of Kvenobani in the foothills of the Caucasus Minor by Petr Sič. The Georgians grow Chinese tea, but domesticated thoroughly and adapted to the local conditions. It has an unmistakable flavour. We chose tea from Georgia for Metelka Tea Spirit because we have an affinity for this country in the Caucasus. Although tea growing has a long tradition. here, this branch has collapsed since the end of the Soviet Union. Tea gardens are untended, they are overgrown with fern, and so before the idea of the liqueur was born, there was a desire to promote tea culture and growing once again and to learn much from the local experts. For the entire 20th century tea was grown on the slopes of the Caucus hills, and when freedom was regained the Georgians rediscovered pride in their own tea. The individual batches for Metelka Tea Spirit are chosen by Petr Sič and Avtandil Lomtatidze - one of the first Georgian growers to restart tea production after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Pure brandy from Chile
We spent a long time selecting an alcohol that helps develop the taste and fragrance of the tea and gives Metelka Tea Spirit the right strength. After many tests we finally agreed that it was possible to achieve harmony between Georgian tea and Moravian honey with the use of pure Chilean brandy. The basis for this excellent drink created under the R. Jelínek brand is a wine distillate manufactured exclusively using red wine using the same process as the traditional South American spirit pisco. This has been made in Chile and Peru since the end of the 16th century from aromatic strains of grapes, and it is so popular and venerated that it even has its own holiday. For Metelka Tea Spirit we use the clear drink, not aged in casks, and experts from the Vizovice distillery look after its distillation and final taste. Their fragrant product is an integral part of our liqueur’s DNA.

Linden honey from Moravia
Only pure, quality products, no artificial additives. When your approach to the preparation of a liqueur is guided by this basic ambition, it is obvious that the only alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners is honey. And for this reason a little alchemy is needed for the final recipe, but it involves more than just the sweetness of honey, but also its other flavour and fragrance properties. Acacia, linden, sunflower and beet honey give the resultant product a completely different tone... We decided on linden honey, which is one of the most distinctive types. Thanks to the fact that the bees collect in during the summer, its taste is fuller than spring honeys. And its combination with tea is wholly naturally because even our grandmothers knew that if you put quality linden honey in tea, you get the ideal drink to prevent flu and colds. And our honey really is high quality. It is supplied to us by Miroslav Sedláček from the Moravian town of Bučovice – a bee keeper who has his approximately six hundred hives located over a wide area, from the Drahanské Uplands, Vyškovská Gulley, Kojetín and Litenčická Downs to the southern edge of the Ždánický Forest.

Originální dárkový alkohol – Tea Spirit

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