The flavour and aroma is typical for this type of a liqueur. It is thick, sweet, with rich taste and scent of peppermint.

Shaker Peppermint has a distinctive green color and refreshing peppermint flavour and aroma. It is a great addition and a main ingredient to various mixed drinks where it creates unforgettable color and flavour variations. The exceptional character of this branded product is achieved by an extract of peppermint that we import from Southern Italy. The added wine distillate was aged in oak casks. It makes Shaker Peppermint more delicate and enhances the pleasure of its consumption.

Green Wave

4 cl Shaker Green Peppermint
2 cl Shaker Ivory Cocco
1 dl pineapple juice, 5 cl heavy cream

Decoration A slice of an orange, mint, cocktail cherry

Preparation Shaker.
Type of glass Of your choice/Fancy glass.
Directions Put a few ice cubes into a shaker, add ingredients, and shake for 15 seconds. Pour into a prepared glass and garnish it with fruits, mint, and cocktail cherry.

Green Hope

4 cl Shaker Green Peppermint
2 cl Shaker Gold Vodka
2 dl Sprite

Directions lime, mint

Preparation Přímo do sklenice/Build-in.
Type of glass Long/Highball glass glass.
Directions Put a few ice cubes into a glass. Add Shaker Green Peppermint and Shaker Gold Vodka. Pour Sprite in and garnish the drink with a lime and mint.


4 cl Shaker Green Peppermin
2 dl Ginger Beer (Non-Alcoholic)

Preparation Into the glass/Build-in.
Type of glass Long/Highball glass.
Directions Put a few ice cubes into a glass and add Shaker Green Peppermint. Finally, pour Ginger Beer (N. A.) in.

Every Shaker liqueur is an absolute original in its taste and aroma. This feature was created with the use of high-quality natural raw materials and aromatic substances. We put a great emphasis on a development of products. Shaker has a unique label design as well as a bottle design. These bottles were specially designed for the Shaker series. Their shape evokes the most famous bartender tool for preparing craft cocktails. Due to their shape balance, the Shaker liquers are suitable for various bartender acrobatics. Our liqueurs are amazing when used in various cocktails. However, they are perfect for a direct consupmtion.


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