Český absinth – Metelka Naturelle


The pure natural premium product of the Absinthe Metelka series.

Absinth prémiové kvality – Absinthe Naturelle 0,5 L

Absinthe Naturelle is a premium product of Metelka. It’s given a special care and made by a special technology. As the name implies, it’s completely natural product without a use of any artificial colors. On the bottom of every bottle, there are purified coriander seeds that emphasize its natural character. Coriander seeds are macerated for a few months prior adding to the final product, so they do not change the flavor of Absinthe Naturelle.

Míchaný alkoholický nápoj s absintem – Mořské řasy


5 cl Absinthe Naturelle
5cl Sparkling water
Lime, cane sugar, mint

Decoration a spring of mint

Preparation Into the glass/Build-in.
Type of glass Tumbler/Highball glass.
Directions Add sugar into the tumbler. Chop the lime into the pieces, squeeze them and put them in the glass. Add some leaves of mint and squeeze them again. Fill the glass with crushed ice and pour in Absinthe Naturelle and stir well. Add sparkling water and decorate it with a small spring of mint.

Míchaný alkoholický nápoj s absintem – Sobota odpoledne

Saturday Afternoon

3 cl Absinthe Naturelle
2 cl Shaker Gold Vodka
1 dl grapefruit juice
5 cl pineapple juice

Decoration A slice of pineapple and grapefruit, a cocktail cherry

Preparation Shaker.
Type of glass Of your choice/Fancy glass.
Directions Add some ice cubes into the shaker and then add all the ingredients there. Shake it for 15 sec. Pour it to the glass and decorate it with fruits and the cocktail cherry.

Míchaný alkoholický nápoj s absintem – Přirozenost


4 cl Absinthe Naturelle
2 dl apple juice

Preparation Into the glass/Build-in.
Type of glass Long/Highball glass.
Directions Add some ice cubes into the long glass. Pour Absinthe Naturelle in and then add the apple juice.

Sladký alkoholický nápoj s jahodovou příchutí – Metelka likéry
Wild Strawberry

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