Vítězslav Prokop: I have a sweet tooth and I like Moravský Vaječný Tradiční the most

Vítězslav Prokop

It’s one of the most cited catchphrases of the legendary Czech movie called Seclusion Near a Forest. You sure can remember the scene when an old farmer tells Lorenc the bricklayer what is needed for the building: “You have quicklime, cement, bricks, blocks, beams, roof truss, laths, roof tiles, waste, nails, screws, wires, eaves, electricity meter, electrical fuse,… And Mr. Lorenc supervises all these things and is paid ten crowns per hour. He doesn’t hold a brick in his hand but he’s certainly an expert.”

With the number of ingredients and activities necessary to create something, it’s almost similar in all areas of human conduct. Just before you open a bottle of a Metelka liqueur, there are plenty of tasks which have to be put together. There is no place for laziness in the Metelka Company. In the process of making products that are popular in our country and abroad, every member of the team has a significant part.

Thus, without Vítězslav Prokop, it’s impossible to imagine that bottling section would function well. He adjusts these machines on daily basis. ‘Sometimes I work where I’m needed. Ocasionally, I do a small maintenance on equipments,’ add the fifty-eight-year-old man how has been working for Metelka for three years. ‘My friend told me about this job. At the time, I was looking for some less stressful work without three-shifts. And this job in the Metelka Company meets my requirements,’ recalls Vítězslav. “Another big advantage was the location. It’s so good to be in work from home in a few minutes and vice versa. It’s my first job to be close to my home. I don’t have to complete a long exhausting journey every day,” he praises his job.

I have a sweet tooth so I really like the sweet liqueurs. I like Moravský Vaječný Tradiční the mostsays Vítězslav Prokop

The close distance of his home is not the only advantage he has in this work. “I like that my job is diverse. It isn’t dull at all,” he explains and admits his favourite Metelka beverage. “I have a sweet tooth so I really like the sweet liqueurs. I like Moravský Vaječný Tradiční the most,” he says.

But man cannot live by bread alone, as an old proverb says. Vítězslav Prokop likes to relax in nature. “When we have time, I go on a small trip with my beloved family. I also like sports such as riding a bike, swimming and playing tennis. And during the winter, I go skiing in the mountains,” lists his favourite leisure activities.