Bombardino – a tasty bomb has spread to the whole world from Italy


Are you going to ski? Will you choose Jeseníky, Beskydy, Krkonoše, or the Alps? Whatever destination you choose, we can guarantee that you will be able to drink bombardino everywhere. This tasty bomb originated in Italy is very common in mountain hotels, mountain huts, and bars. The delicious hot drink of a deep yellow colour decorated with whipped cream is simply a no. 1 among winter cocktails.

The mixed drink which can be called as an Italian version of ‘Irish coffee’ is popular all over the world.


Bombardino originated in one of the mountain hotels in Livigno, in a popular Alpine ski resort in 1974. A group of friends decided to mix an unusual winter cocktail that could warm up skiers and gave them energy (a big dose of energy).

After several unsuccessful attempts, a drink was created. It’s said that when they tasted the drink everyone yelled bombarda!‘. Well, the bombardino was created… The recipe looks so trivial: you add milk, eggnog, whisky, and then you warm the mixture up. Originally, they didn’t even bother to put there a whipped-cream decoration. It was added later by inventive bartenders.

It doesn’t matter how simple the recipe is because the taste of bombardino is great. That’s why its success was immediate. The rumours about a lovely hot drink spread very quickly across the Alps. Thanks to the ten thousands of tourists, the drink became famous in the rest of Italy and the world.


The traditional bombardino consists of four ingredients – eggnog, milk, whisky and whipped cream. But there are other known variants. For example, the version called Pirate uses rum and the one with a name Calimero is enriched with a cup of espresso.

However, the bartender’s fantasy is unlimited. It’s visible in Livigno itself, where every bar serves a little bit different bombardino. Beverages can differ in innovative ingredients or colour, which can range from light yellow to orange. Although the bombardino is the winter drink, there are summer versions with ice cream and ice. Even in the Czech Republic, you can find ice creams with a bombardino flavour.

Alcohol content depends on the recipe. It’s very important what alcohol is used. The bombardinos sold in regular shops can have about 17% alc. But don’t forget that the drink can have up to 30% alc. in the bars. So be careful what you drink in the mountains! Make sure you don’t glide zigzag on the slopes and be sure to get safely home.