Vizovice: the gate of Moravian Wallachia with a vivid tradition of distillery



Less than fifteen kilometres east of Zlín, there is the town of Vizovice. The picturesque town is located in the valley near the Vizovice Highlands and is called the ‘gate of Wallachia’. Its history dates back to pagan times but the first written mention was in 1261. The town has a rich history which is visible in its historical centre with two triangular squares. The baroque château is a historical treasure of the town. The other baroque buildings and monuments are the Monastery and Hospital of the Merciful Brothers, The Parish Church of St. Lawrence from 1792, or the Marian Column in Dolní Náměstí (town’s main square).

When you walk through the town centre, you can see other types of architecture. For example, Villa Café York is a beautiful example of Art Nouveau, and Vizovice house no. 256 built in 1787 which was honoured an award for the Vernacular Building of the Zlín region in 2015.

The birthplace of a Czech actor Bolek Polívka isn’t known just for the beautiful historical monuments and nature. When you say Vizovice, Czechs usually recall terms such as ‘slivovice’ or ‘Rudolf Jelínek’. Distillation of plum brandy has been documented since the 17th century. This tradition is still alive nowadays. The Rudolf Jelínek Company exports its products to the whole world (the United States, Italy, Russia, South Africa, China…). The Metelka Company also spreads a good name of Moravia because it’s headquartered in the area of the Rudolf Jelínek Company and significantly cooperates in the production.

Cultural monuments:
Château Vizovice
The Parish Church of St. Lawrence
John Castle, Sokolov
Art Nouveau House no. 360
Chapel at Karažijce
Chapel at Cold well
Chapel of Our Lady of Lourdes
Burgher’s House Frigo
Column with Grievous Virgin Mary
Hospital of the Merciful Brothers