Absinthe Metelka DeMoravie 200 ml

165  včetně DPH

70% ALC. · 200 ML

The name of this absinthe hints an author’s intention to create a product that is a bit different from the typical Czech absinthes. Herbs that are characteristic of the South Moravian Region give this absinthe very distinctive pleasant aroma and flavor while maintaining a basic golden trinity of herbs: wormwood, anise, and fennel in a distilled and macerated part of the product. The decorative anise and fennel seeds on the bottom of the bottle are macerated for a few months prior adding to the final product, so they do not change the flavor of Absinthe De Moravie.


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DOPRAVA ZDARMA pro akční balíček Moravské TRIO a další produkty s ním v objednávce. Akce platí do počtu 12 lahví v objednávce.

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