Metelka – a family business from the heart of Moravia

Folklorní ornamenty na kapličce

Folk costumes, furniture, ceramics, Easter eggs, buildings – you see these folklore ornaments everywhere when you visit Moravia. These typical ornaments were painted with colours or quicklime, sand, or they were sculpted, stamped, finger-painted, and they could be created by wax and embroidery. These features belong to characteristic attributes of Moravia, although, motifs can differ in details from a village to another. The ornaments are the epitome of the traditional Moravian folk art and the history of one of the three historic countries of the Czech Republic (Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia).

The family brand Metelka is proudly associated with the Moravian tradition and origin. The family business originated in Moravské Prusy near Vyškov, therefore in the middle of Moravia, at the boundary of Drahanská vrchovina (highlands near Prostějov) and lowlands of Hornomoravský úval. The Metelka brand highlights its origin not only in the name of its successful product – Moravský Vaječný Tradiční, but also in respected visual style that was created in the graphic studio Design Herynek based in Olomouc. The respect for Moravian tradition is demonstrated in company’s logo and in the basic colour combination of blue (ultramarine) and white. The heart pictured on the label of Moravský Vaječný Tradiční is inspired by folk art.

The Metelka Company tries to express the love for homeland by introducing attractive tourist spots to you. And there are so many of them in Moravia!