Rum as a good investment? Metelka Liquor Shop also offers luxury drinks

Investice do alkoholu – Pyrat

Stamps, beemats, model cars, matchboxes or hockey cards? As children we probably all collected something. But as we grow older, our “rare” collections collect dust and end up in bin as useless rubbish. But collecting is not just some ephemeral hobby, but a passion and also often an investment opportunity. Its essence does not consist of the collecting of items, but a qualified estimate of the advantageousness and potential return on expended funds. And naturally it is also possible to collect alcohol. From this aspect the longest and best-known tradition is associated with wine. These days you don’t need to be a wealthy aristocrat to boast of a private cellar with vintage bottles – you can also be a wine lover who lives more humbly.

But the collecting of spirits is spreading in a similar way. And it is not just a case of proud owner being able to boast of a bottle of luxury alcohol and showing it to his friends, but its purchase may be a great investment with possibility of high return. Whiskeys in particular have long been in demand. It wasn’t so long ago that a bottle of the rare whisky Macallan Valerio Adami from 1926 sold for an incredible 24.2 million crowns in Hong Kong… but other types of quality alcohol also increase in value over time, and so it is worth paying attention to them. A long list of rums comes in the category of rare or luxury alcohol. If you collect alcohol, or you want to start, you should definitely visit the Metelka Liquor Shop in Vyškov – you’re sure to find something to your taste.

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Don Papa Sherry Cask
Don Papa Sherry Cask  Alc. 45% vol. · 0,7 L + tube · Price 5 595 Kč


Diplomático Single Vintage Rum 2002
Diplomático Single Vintage Rum 2002 · Price 5 995 Kč


Don Papa 10YO
Don Papa 10YO · Alc. 43% vol. · 0,7 L + tube · Price 2 495 Kč