The Hell’s Angel won the Metelka Cup in Slavkov

Metelka Cup

The representative interiors of the Golf Hotel Austerlitz in Slavkov u Brna were literally saturated by aroma of vanilla, cinnamon, orange peel, sandthorn, and mainly with delicious hot drinks. Secondary school bartender students came here to compete and succeed in the prestigious the Metelka Cup. The Vocational secondary school in Slavkov u Brna and the Metelka Company hold the competition for the 18th time.

Twenty contestants endeavoured to attract the jury with the task of preparing a hot drink using the Metelka’s Saint Hubert’s Liqueur. Another ingredients used in the drink depended on their sheer imagination. Teekanne was an important partner which provided contestants with a premium gourmet tea line. Contestants could include these products to their hot drinks. The contest was hosted by the Czech Bartender Association, and the results have been included to year round evaluation of the competition of the bartender of the year in the junior category, and the other competitions of Coca-Cola and Fabbri brands.

The young generation of bartenders didn’t suffer from the lack of invention as we could see in the backstage where they prepared ingredients for their creations. Their imagination and well-learned basics of the bartender profession were fully shown during the contest itself. Even though the contestants had jitters before the start of the Metelka Cup, they show a huge amount of professionalism and no nervous moves could be seen during their performance.

The hot drinks contained not only the mandatory Saint Hubert’s Liqueur but Metelka’s Absinthes and Spicy products as well. Twenty amazing hot drinks were made but the winner could be only one. And the winner was Filip Jung of the Private high school in Prague with his hot drink called Hell’s Angel. The second place won Kateřina Vymazalová of the Vocational secondary school in Polička with her drink called Listen How I Sing. Another student of the Private high school in Prague, Petr Šepák won the third place with a drink called Pain Killer No. 2. The special prize for the best drink with the absinthe won Monika Lužná from Prostějov.

“We used these representative interiors of the Golf Hotel Austerlitz for the first time and it was a good decision. The Metelka Cup is a top event now,” Milan Metelka said. The contest was held under the auspices of the Governor of the South Moravian Region Bohumi Šimek. The improvement in the contest’s quality was appreciated by the president of the Czech Bartender Association Aleš Svojanovský. “The decision to use a professional background of the hotel was a great improvement and it has potential for the future,” Svojanovský said.

It’s a huge prestige for the Metelka Company to participate in the competition for young bartenders. “It’s one of the forms of spreading a good name. The students learn about our products and how to use them in mixed drinks. Nearly four hundred students have worked with our products during eighteen years. And that’s a good number,” Milan Metelka added.