Jahodový alkoholický nápoj – Milky Wild Strawberry 0,5 L
Jahodový alkoholický nápoj – Milky Wild Strawberry 0,5 L

Milky Wild Strawberry

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14,4% ALC. · 500 ML

Milky Wild Strawberry is an emulsion low-alcohol drink with a strawberry flavour. Every product with a fruit flavour in Milky series is supported by an addition of fruit juice. This unique feature stands out in the competitive market with similiar products. For a direct comsumption, the best way to serve this Milky is to be slightly chilled (cca 8 °C) or in a room temperature with an ice cube. The original series of dairy low-alcoholic drinks is characterized by a softness and harmony of the flavour of the Czech milk, heavy cream, and natural aromatic substances.

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