Marie Pachtová

Marie Pachtová

5. 11. 1932

Vyškov-born Marie Pachtová spent her childhood in Dědice. After her graduation at the grammar school in Brno, she studied Czech and Russian language at the Faculty of Education of Masaryk University in Brno. She worked as a teacher of Czech and Russia language at elementary school in Vyškov. She has been always interested in folk culture and arts. Her grandmother Josefa Kudličková and her teacher of handmade crafts Julie Kummerová-Kubíčková supported her interest.

Her masterful skills are evident in straw marquetry. She led courses of traditional decorating Haná Easter Eggs for schoolchildren and she participated in many competitions. She was awarded a certificate of Mastery of Folk Art for her collection of Haná Easter Eggs in 1972. Once she also organized a regional competition ‘The Most Beautiful Easter Egg’ in Prostějov. She decorates jewellery, postcards and other souvenirs with straw. In the past, she was interested in Haná ceremonial bakery.

She is a collector of folk songs, dances, and customs. She is very successful in reviving folk traditions as well as being a teacher in child folk group Klebetníček which was founded in Vyškov in 1970. As a lecturer and jury member, she helped other child folk groups from the Haná region and she published three child folklore committees from the Haná region.

In 2006, she became an honourable citizen of Vyškov and she received the Master Craftsman of Artistic Production award of the South Moravia region in 2016.