The new 4th issue of the Metelka Magazine has been released

Metelka Magazín č. 4

The new issue of the Metelka Magazine has been released. In this new fourth edition, we introduce you Miroslav Motyčka from the R. Jelínek Company. There are great article and interview with Mrs. Marie Pachtová who has been interested in folk customs all her life. Other delicious recipes using our products are present in this issue as well. After a year, we bring you the results of the Metelka Cup 2018 and many other amazing articles. This issue is completed with an interesting interview with Zlata Metelková, who is a mum of the restorer of the Metelka Company. The main themes are the beginnings and development of the company, their personal stories, and interesting facts that happened in the post-revolutionary time. The articles will be gradually published online but if you are too eager just send us an e-mail to We’ll send you a printed issue of the Metelka Magazine for FREE by mail. Don’t forget to write your e-mail address and let us know if you want to receive the magazine regularly or you just want this 4th edition.

Enjoy the new issue! Yours truly, the editors