Lukáš Dorničák: working in the distillery is filled with scent

Lukáš Dorničák

The Metelka distillery is a family business and you might say it’s just a phrase. But that’s not true when we talk about Metelka. When you think of family in context of the distillery, it’s important to mention that the liqueur craft is inherited for several generations and the company is run by the proud Metelka family members. This fact suggest the number of employees is comparable to a larger family and above all there are very good relationships. One would say family-like relationships. In the Profile section, we would like to gradually introduce those who are responsible for making the Metelka distillery a family workspace, and those who are involved in making the Metelka brand a symbol of quality. We mention everybody without whom the company wouldn’t have existed.

Although he belongs to the youngest employees, he is definitely not just an ordinary ‘soldier’. On the contrary, 24-year-old Lukáš Dorničák has a high ‘rank’ in terms of the production process. He’s a distiller and that means he makes and blends liqueurs, supervise their proper flavour, aroma, colour and alcohol volume. Thanks to Lukáš, the Metelka beverages are the same as they were created and designed by Milan Metelka.

But he didn’t get this position right away. When he started work at the distillery three years ago he was in charge of different things. “I was employed as an operator of semi-automatic and fully automatic machines. However, I quickly learnt everything that required bottling emulsion liqueurs and even other types of spirits,” recalls young man who is interested in modern technologies. That might be a reason why he was able to absorb all crucial information of alcohol production incredibly quickly. He was able to blend the first hectolitres of Moravský Vajenčý Tradiční, Milky, griotka, tuzemák, and other alcoholic beverages five months after getting the job at the distillery.

The claim that the Metelka distillery is a family business is true especially for Lukáš. “Both parents worked here and they told me about this job and that was the reason I started to work here. I was so excited about learning something new and working in clean work space. Moreover, the place is full of wonderful aroma,” Lukáš explains.

To have a job in a pleasant and stress-free environment means a lot to me. It is a place where the CEO’s arrival to the factory doesn’t mean we have to fall in but rather we look forward to seeing him.Lukáš Dorničák

He knows all the products of his employer perfectly and some of them are his favourites. “I really like Moravský Vaječný Tradiční. It’s so delicious and the vanilla flavour is amazing. Just like homemade eggnog. The other one I like is Saint Hubert’s Liqueur for its herb yet gentle flavour. The refreshing Spicy is pretty good too,” he lists his favourite alcoholic beverages of Metelka brand.

Nowadays, he is glad he has decided for the Metelka distillery. “I enjoy my work very much. In addition, we have a friendly crew which includes our bosses, of course,” he states. He greatly appreciates the possibility to explore new flavours of all new liqueurs he hasn’t tasted yet. “After work, of course,” he adds with a little smile on his face. Lukáš is interested in sports and playing drums in his free time.