Spicy Mint – detail


A low-alcoholic beverage with a fresh mint flavour and an addition of naturally macerated chilli. Spicy flavour and hot effect replace alcohol.

Mátový alkoholický nápoj – Spicy Mint 0,5 L

Mint aroma is a symbol of freshness. And when you add a pinch of chilli, you will get a flavour that make you smile like a deep breath on the top of a mountain. This is how our unique low-alcoholic Spicy Mint tastes like. The spicymeter on the bottle is on the lowest level but suggests that Spicy Mint isn’t just a lady drink. Well, try for yourself…

Spicy Mint Metelka

Peprmintový alkoholický nápoj – Spicy Mint 0,5 L

Spicy Energy – detail

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